Native American Studies

Native American Studies

Course Name: Native American Studies, (10th- 12th grade)

Instructor: Mr. Fast

Prerequisite: None

Half year – 1/2 credit

Native American Studies will focus on all social science aspects of Native American life, both past and present. This course will look historically at Native Americans before European contact through the present day.  We will look extensively at the Dakota and Lakota in South Dakota and the Midwest. While Native Americans comprise just 2% of the USA’s population, this class will analyze the uniqueness of our area and South Dakota’s nine reservations.  Diversity among tribes will be emphasized to students through lessons on tribal government, culture, religion, and through other classroom discussions. This class will also incorporate aspects of sociology by analyzing problems facing reservations, such as crime and gangs, poverty, and unemployment. Students will address these matters in a respectful way as they hypothesize ways to reduce the challenges facing reservations.  All students will be encouraged to bring personal knowledge into this class. The instructor will adjust the course schedule if a student or students request the opportunity to analyze some aspect, past or present, of Native American life.


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