Accounting II

Accounting II

Course Name: Accounting II

Instructor – Melissa Jurgens


Prerequisite:  Accounting I

Half year ½ credit


Course Description:


QuickBooks Pro 2013: Comprehensive is a complete survey of Intuit QuickBooks. In Unit 1, you will first be introduced to QuickBooks and cover some basic file-management tasks. Next, you will learn how to properly set up a company file. The next three lessons will take you through working with vendors, customers, and banking tasks. The last lesson in this unit will help you deal with errors and some of the unpleasantries of running a business (writing off bad debt and dealing with NSF checks) before you customize reports and templates for your company. In Unit 2, you will begin by reviewing the generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) and exploring the accounting cycle. You will continue to learn about the accounting cycle as well as inventory, payroll, estimates, time tracking, and various accounts (asset, liability, and equity) throughout this unit. In the last lesson, you will properly close the books and wrap up a fiscal period.

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