Bulletin for the week of May 10th and 17th

Lunch Line Seniors 11:57, sophomores 11:59, freshmen 12:01, juniors 12:03, 8th grade 12:20,  7th grade 12:22, 6th grade 12:24
9-12 Advisory Seniors with Mr. Pedersen, juniors with Ms. Mathison, sophomores with Mr. Piechowski, freshmen with Ms. Sauber
6-9 Advisory 8th grade with Mr. DeLeon, 7th grade with Mr. Hammer, 6th grade with Mrs. Benike
**** Clear Sheets will be posted for all middle school and high school students.  All discrepancies must be cleared up before students will be dismissed for the summer.
Friday, May 7 White Friday
1:00pm Kindergarten Graduation in the High School Gymnasium. The gym will be closed.  There will be NO KINDERGARTEN CLASS on this day.
3:00pm High School Track Meet in Sisseton. Bus leaves at 1:25pm. Students dismissed at 1:15pm. Mr. Olson will put out a list of students attending.
Saturday, May 8  
Sunday, May 9  
Monday, May 10  
2:00 pm Last Day of Preschool. Celebration in the gymnasium at 2:00pm
7:00 pm Regular School Board Meeting in the library.
Tuesday, May 11 4th & 5th grade Reading Fair Boards will be on display in the Library!
**** The City Librarian will be coming to the school to visit the elementary students about the summer reading program.  KD, 1st, and 2nd will meet at 9:30 in the library and 3rd, 4th, and 5th will meet at 10:30.
11:06 TJ will visit with 7th Graders.
1:00pm ECC Track Meet in Webster. This is a Junior High and High School Meet. Bus will leave at 11:15am. Students dismiss at 11:06am.
Wednesday, May 12  
4th Hour Senior End of the Year Testing will begin.
2:00pm K-12 Spring Concert in the gymnasium starting at 2:00pm.
6th Hour Senior computer check in will begin.
3:16 Senior lockers must be cleaned out except for essential materials.
Thursday, May 13
10:30am 6-12 Academic Awards Show in the gymnasium.   2nd hour will start the normal time and run until 10:30.
6:00pm Dakota Hills Grizzlies Awards show at the Waubay Football concession stand. Football, FB Cheer, Cross Country, and Track athletes will be recognized.
Friday, May 14
8:30 All dual credit grades must be to Mrs. Ronke.
**** Seniors last day!
**** Juniors and Seniors will flip-flop 1st and 3rd hour.
9:20 Graduation Practice in Gym.  This will include seniors, Mr. Hulscher, Junior escorts, ushers, gift room attendants, the band, and Mr. DeLeon. Students will be dismissed following the practice if their clear sheets are completed.
12:00pm Waubay Legion Track Meet. This is a Junior High and High School Meet. Bus leaves at 10:15pm. Students dismiss at 10:00am.
3:16 6-11 student lockers must be cleaned out except for essential materials.
Saturday, May 15
Sunday, May 16
  Bulletin for the week of May 17th
Lunch Line Freshmen 11:57, juniors 11:59, seniors 12:01, 7th grade 12:20, 6th grade 12:22, 8th grade 12:24
9-12 Advisory Juniors with Ms. DeGreef, sophomores with Ms. Sauber, freshmen with Ms. Sauber
6-8 Advisory 8th grade with Mr. Hammer, 7th grade with Ms. Benike, 6th grade with Mr. Olson
Monday, May 17
2nd hour 6-11 student end of year testing begins.
1:00pm Elementary Awards show in the gymnasium. 1st-3rd Grade Awards 1:00-1:15pm, 4th-5th Awards 1:15-1:30pm.
2:00 6-11 students report to home rooms to elect class officers for next year.
Tuesday, May 18 Last Day of School!!!
12:30 School is dismissed for the year.
Thursday, May 20
10:00am Region Track Meet in Britton. Meet starts at 10:00am. Bus will leave at 7:50am.
Sunday, May 23 Wilmot High School Graduation in the High School Gymnasium. Graduation starts at 2:00pm.
May 28-29
**** State Track Meet in Rapid City.  Mr. Olson and participants will leave on Thursday.
Monday Wolfwich
Tuesday Mini pancake wraps
Wednesday Breakfast Burrito
Thursday Breakfast Pizza
Friday Cook’s Choice
Monday Cook’s Choice
Tuesday Long John’s
Monday Crispito/Burrito, Rice & beans
Tuesday Corndogs or hot pocket, and tater tots
Wednesday Chicken/Turkey gravy and mashed potatoes
Thursday Cook’s Choice
Friday Cook’s Choice
Monday Cook’s Choice
Tuesday Sack Lunch