Wilmot History

Wilmot History

 Over the years, the Wilmot School and community have kept abreast of the times as they have experienced growing pains,
constructed new buildings, and made important decisions to make their school the best
possible place of learning for the area students.

Left:  The first school building was believed to have been built prior to 1884.  The location of that building was one block west and a block north of the present school.  The first class of seven seniors graduated from Wilmot in 1895. This building was moved and a larger school was built in 1899 in the same location. Cost of this building was $5,000. This building burned January 31, 1914, destroying all school records, books, and furniture.


Right:   When the first school building become too small, they built a larger school house to accommodate the increased enrollment.  In March of 1914, the Board of Ed. purchased a two-acre square from C.F. Porter for the sum of $1,250. This site is where the present school stands.  enrollment.  The contract went to Gray Const. of Watertown for $13,781.00. Plumbing went to Cole of Redfield for $4,459.  In 1936, the city felt the need for a gymnasium-auditorium and constructed a building on main street where the present community center is located.


FireEscape Many people in the community have fond memories of the old fire escape that was on the top floor of the old school house.  For years students played in this and had lots of fun
Expansion Plans:
With ever-increasing enrollment and higher state standards the community again made plans for expansion. Bids were let in April 1960 for an 50 X 52 ft. addition to provide a science and music department. Cost was $44,332. This is the computer labs and wiring closet in the present building.
Elementary Addition Added:
In May of 1966, the school passed a $330,000 bond issue for the construction of 8 elementary classrooms, classrooms for kindergarten, special education, library, administration offices, a teacher’s work area, kitchen, mechanical room and restrooms.  The multi-purpose room that was constructed was named McKenna Hall after L. H. McKenna.
The Addition of Corona High School:
The fall of 1983 brought more students to the district as the result of the dissolution of the Corona High School.  The Corona elementary was later closed in 1986, sending more students to the Wilmot district.
Right: In 1984, voters went back to the polls to pass a $450,000 bond issue to construct a new gymnasium, Vo-Ag shop and classroom, and music department.  The graduating class of 1986 was the first to hold exercises in the 22,200 sq. ft. facility.  The open house for the new building was May 18, 1986 when a new $860,000 facility, complete with wood floor was shown to the community.

New Gym

Construction of New Junior High and High School passes:
In March 1999, the patrons passed a $1.4 million bond issue to build a new 7-12 facility.  In the summer of 1999, the new junior high and high school building was started. Plans were underway to remove the old building and build on that sight.  In July of 1999, bids were awarded to contractors to construct a nearly $1.9 million school addition.   Below are pictures of the demolition that took place during the beginning stages.  The bell was saved from the top of the old building and is displayed at the front of the present school.



The New High School

On April 17, 2000 the first classes were held in the new Wilmot High School facility.  The Class of 2000 had the privilege of being the first class to graduate from the new addition.

Left:  The new high school building includes 10 classrooms, a career access center for students and guidance office, title classroom, restrooms, storage areas, mechanical room.  An addition to the music room was also added, providing two new practice rooms, and storage area.